The Power of Determination in Manifesting Goals

The Power of Determination in Manifesting Goals

This is a story of an African boy with a musical dream of meeting his icons and playing on the biggest global stages; the challenges, obstacles and the opportunities of that journey.  It explores the power of determination needed to become a GRAMMY nominated internationally renown musician.

  • Perseverance
  • Pursuing Excellence
  • Overcoming Adversities and Mental Poverty
  • Building a Winning Mindset
  • Making Choices
  • Sharpening Focus
  • Healthy Life Choices
Elevating the Greater Good and the Ideals of Compassion, Humanity and Service

This talk is centered on the artist years of experience advocating for social causes around the globe and the belief that elevation of the greater good and a sense of service is primary to success in today’s world. When we are directed by these ideals we contribute to our own integrity. These ideals play a pivotal role in shaping how corporations, brands and even individuals are perceived in terms of their ethical aspirations.


  • People care about families, friends and community
  • Pursuit of the greater good is important for the morale of individuals empowered by their role in betterment of others
  • Organizations that integrate this aspiration will define the future
  • People (especially GenX) are increasingly aware how their choices will impact environment, contribute to poverty alleviation , provide clean water , be of service and how our actions impact the world
  • Advent of conscious labelling , non GMO, cruelty free, ethical, fair trade, etc represents a widespread awareness and opportunity
  • In the social media world – digital perception equals value for individual corporate social responsibility defines an organization
  • Key role of corporate social responsibility to brands
Nurturing Collaboration to Ignite Passion to Create Common Purpose

The artist uses the power of musical performance and engagement of the audience as “the band” to participate in an acoustic performance of his signature empowering songs.

  • Promote team spirit and team building
  • Working in harmony to achieve common goals
  • Highlighting individual self expression as a key to building a strong team
Empowerment Music Exercises – Audience as “The Band:”
  • Rocky Dawuni acoustic performance of “Shine A Light,” “Wake the Town,” and “Rock Your Soul” with the audience being taught, and joining in the singing as a group as “the band.” This fun exercise combines the power of communal singing, performance, synchronized clapping and time keeping to strengthen and instill passion, a collaborative spirit and working in harmony towards common purpose and goals
  • One beat exercise : the participants are all provided with drums for a drum circle if available or drum sticks to drum on a table whereby Dawuni leads in starting a beat which is imitated by the audience and then the collective performance of the rhythm. This is followed by the process of everyone creating their own beat but aligning it with the primary beat provided by Dawuni.
  • The audience can also split into groups – creating the rhythm of various parts of the song in the performance and then coming back together for a group performance The purpose of this exercise is also to stress the importance of harmonizing, individual expression and group aspiration .

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